Retained Recruitment

Retained Recruitment

Retained recruitment is a proactive means of filling roles that require high levels of technical skill or specific experience. Retained recruitment ensures exclusive use of our expertise and delivers amazing results. We engage closely with our client as a trusted partner providing a “cradle to grave” approach to recruitment.

Engaging a retained recruitment partner ensures you receive a stream of quality, vetted candidates, driving greater efficiencies within your HR activities so you can focus on primary business objectives.

Each retained search is tailored to our clients’ individual requirements and commences with a thorough analysis of the client’s needs, business and prevailing market factors. We provide clients with a proposal confirming the profile, fees and the responsibilities of both parties. We typically invoice our clients one third of the estimated fee on assignment kick off and the rest on successful placement.

Retained Recruitment Phases:

  1. Kick Off:
  • Position description and salary finalised
  • Timeframes agreed
  • Narrative Agreed – Storytelling and EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
  1. Candidate Sourcing:
  • Write and place ads on LinkedIn and Seek
  • Candidate and Market Mapping
  • Headhunting
  1. Assessments and Screening:
  • Situational-based interview screening
  • Culture and values-alignment assessment
  • Job description suitability based on experience
  1. Shortlist:
  • Five candidates presented with resumes and full interview notes
  1. Client Interviews:
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews
  • Manage candidates and clients throughout the process
  1. Reference Checks:
  • Gather details and conduct reference checks
  1. Offer Management:
  • Acting as the point of contact for all communication and negotiations.
  1. Contract Administration:
  • Gathering information from the successful candidate for the letter of offer.

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