Love Your Work partners with The Culture Equation to design and deliver tailored workshops and learning programs for culture, leadership and diversity transformation.

Company culture takes its own shape when left unattended, so it’s essential for any workplace to be intentional about nurturing a positive workplace culture. We believe that a thriving workplace culture is the foundation of every successful organisation.

Our Culture Services

  •       Culture Discovery
  • We help clients define their organisational culture. We develop a comprehensive culture snapshot and report, detailing the current state of your workplace culture.
  •       Psychological Safety Assessment
  • Our in-depth assessment evaluates your current workplace atmosphere and identifies areas where psychological safety can be improved.
  • Culture Canvas
    • Not sure where to start on your culture? Curate your culture blueprint for immediate action in this short team-building workshop.
  • Purpose

o   Need help defining your ‘why’? We lead your team in the journey to discover and clearly define your unique purpose, driving employee motivation and performance.

  • Values

o   Seeking an effective way to articulate, agree on, and embed clear values? We provide a suite of interactive, team-building workshops to draw out your workplace’s authenticity.

  • Offsite Facilitation
    • When you’re under the pump, it’s easy to miss out on the genuine human connections and fun team moments. Through the intentional selection of team-building exercises and outdoor adventures, we assist in strengthening human connections, to foster a collaborative and joyful work environment.
  • Handbook
    • Business scaling and need help keeping your culture consistent? As your business scales values, behaviours and beliefs can start to vary greatly across different teams. To address this, we closely collaborate with team members from across your organisation to create an easily distributable and implementable “culture handbook”.
  • EVP – Employee Value Proposition
    • Is your EVP working hard enough to attract the talent you need? A robust employee value proposition (EVP) isn’t just a nice to have, it’s the secret weapon that has the ability to attract and retain the best talent. Get crystal clear on how you stand apart and create a compelling and consistent talent experience across the whole employee lifecycle
  • Circle Back

o   Need a streamlined way to translate culture discovery findings into actionable steps? Learn actionable ways to push your culture flywheel, ensuring momentum and hyper-alignment within your organisation.

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity

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