Olga Boylan, Founder and Director

A little bit about me…

I have 30 years’ experience working with IT businesses to help them find great people. 

Back in the day I sent resumes by fax! That’s how old I am 🙂 

Eventually a funny thing called the world wide web came about and there was one computer in the office that had internet access. 

The internet transformed the recruitment industry, but two fundamentals remain unchanged; EXCEPTIONAL candidate care and a genuine desire to match the best people for each job.

These non-negotiables over the decades have resulted in me achieving a reputation as a genuine, authentic Recruiter who always acts with Integrity. 

I have helped many start up and scale up Technology businesses grow with the right people and the right balance of diversity to be the successful businesses they are today. 

As a single Mom to Toby and Matthew I see the benefit and value of a life with purpose and joy. I have a deep desire to help people Love their Work and live life to their full potential. 

Being diagnosed with ADHD later in life has taught me a lot about myself and my brain and how it works. Not everyone has the same brain, not everyone has the same gender, not everyone has the same skin colour or education. Regardless of our differences we ALL deserve to LOVE our WORK to bring out the best in ourselves and the organisations we work for.


We want to create more inclusive work environments where a diverse range of people are inspired and inspire others to build teams that Love Their Work.



What We do

What We do

“Sourcing, matching, and nurturing the best talent in the Technology Industry”



“To drive a representative culture with divergent thinking fuelling outstanding results.”

Which Leads to

Which Leads to

“Inclusive work environments fostering a sense of belonging”

Resulting in

Resulting in

“Employees have Purpose and feel Connected. They LOVE THEIR WORK”


Qualified Expertise

Leveraging 30 years recruitment experience, highly effective, saving you time and money

Quality Approach

Matching high quality candidates with the relevant job. Quality over Quantity

Active Listening

Feel heard and understood and get the right advice based on your circumstances


We take representing your brand in the market seriously and will work with you to create a compelling story to attract talent