About Us

Olga Boylan, Founder and Director

With 30 years of experience in recruitment and talent management, I’ve worked across a wide range of industries and watched the workplace change dramatically. Throughout this time my core values remain unchanged: provide exceptional care to my candidates and clients, and foster values-based cultures. 

My experience spans both internal Head of People & Culture and Talent Acquisition roles as well as 25 years of agency recruitment, 

 My in-house experience gives me the ability to gain a deep understanding of my client’s organisation, giving candidates personalised experiences that match the company culture. My agency experience instilled in me a proactive, hands-on approach with a fast turnaround and a structured recruitment process. This magic combination has resulted in a 100% placement success rate and a  5* review average on Sourcr.

Experience has shown me that successfully attracting and retaining the right candidates goes beyond just getting applications. It’s identifying and connecting with candidates who can resonate with a company’s vision, fit in the company’s culture, and deliver the required skills for the job. 

I work closely with my clients to identify actions and behaviours that highlight the organisation’s values, mission and goals. I showcase the real people behind their company– their passions and the challenges – and in doing so I humanise the brand. Through the powerful art of storytelling, I share these stories with applicants to attract and engage the right candidate.

As a busy single Mum to Toby and Matthew, I understand the importance of finding purpose and joy in work and life. I’m committed to finding a mutually beneficial fit for my clients and candidates so you can genuinely Love Your Work”.

Being diagnosed with ADHD later in life has only deepened my commitment to fostering inclusive and fulfilling workplaces. I help clients identify the competitive advantages of working with neurodivergent employees and their respective gifts. 

My dedication to authenticity and transparency has earned me a reputation for trustworthiness and effectiveness. 

About Love Your Work

Love Your Work is a talent, recruitment and business culture specialist with more than 30 years experience. We help you attract, recruit and develop diverse people and teams that truly Love their Work.

Authenticity is at the centre of everything we do to ensure a mutually beneficial fit for organisations and candidates. It works. We pride ourselves on our 100% successful candidate placement history. 

We are experts in gaining a deep understanding of our client’s culture, ethos, values and behaviours, and reflecting them through storytelling to humanise and bring their brand to life in the market. This helps attract culturally aligned candidates and ensures long term employee engagement and success.

We advocate and support neurodivergent candidates to ensure our clients access highly talented individuals who think differently from the majority, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Sydney based with national reach, Love Your Work operates across a wide range of business sectors.

Sectors in which we recruit
Roles We Recruit
Our Vision

Our VISION is for everyone to LOVE THEIR WORK.

Our Mission

Our MISSION – we are fiercely committed to connecting culturally aligned talent to organisations that foster a sense of belonging. By doing so we will positively impact employee engagement levels and productivity.

Our Purpose

Our PURPOSE is to inspire and empower you to LOVE YOUR WORK.

Our Values
  • Keep it Simple (Focus on what matters)
  • Have Fun (Life is too short)
  • Integrity (Always follow through and do what we say we will do)
  • Community (We are in better together)
  • Authenticity (Nobody is better at being us)

Why Love Your Work

Love Your Work can guide you in finding the best candidates; not just those whose careers look good on paper, but people that genuinely align with your business’ values and goals. We have a 100% placement rate, succeeding where others have failed. We do this by fully understanding the culture, feel and values of your business, and becoming a passionate advocate for you throughout the recruitment process. 

Hiring a more inclusive workforce

Love Your Work is dedicated to promoting a more inclusive workforce by fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and every voice is valued. Through comprehensive training programs, equitable hiring practices, and ongoing support initiatives, Love Your Work ensures that candidates from all backgrounds feel welcomed and empowered.