Love Your Work is Delighted to partner with Employ for Ability to help set your organisation up for success when employing Neurodivergent people.

Employ for Ability Consultants provide neurodiversity awareness training to organisations and tailored support to neurodiverse employees and their supervisor so they can flourish in a safe and supported work environment. They believe in inclusion, not segregation, placing neurodiverse talent into mainstream teams with tailored support.

Kate Halpin (she/her) is the Principal Neurodiversity Consultant at Employ for Ability, a social impact organisation that is leading the way for Neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace. With nearly a decade of experience working within the neurodiversity space, Kate has forged a successful career and is an internationally recognised speaker on neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace. Neurodivergent herself, Kate is a passionate advocate and champion for change. Kate’s expertise lies in guiding organisations to create systemic cultural change and to embed an inclusive, strength- based mindset via capacity building and awareness initiatives.

Please reach out to Kate Halpin at [email protected]

Tank Stream Labs is a technology focused coworking space; a leading breeding ground for entrepreneurs, specialised industry leaders, and scale ups. They are a dynamic community that supports innovation, collaboration, brilliance, excellence, and entrepreneurship. 

Love Your Work is thrilled to partner with Tank Stream Labs acting in an advisory capacity on all things Talent and Recruitment to their 200+ Community members.